Vince Stefanetti


  • MAX Implementations
  • Personnel Training
  • SQL Server Implementation and Maintenance
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (including data warehouse and mining)
  • Project Management
  • Business Process Analysis, Mapping and Deployment

Background & Experience

Vince has been with MAX since 1987. In his nearly three decades of experience supporting and managing projects for MAX customers, he's helped solve big and small problems from QA to Support, to installation, data migration and implementation. In addition, Vince has trained 1000s of new MAX users both nationally and internationally in Korea, Ireland, China, Australia and Singapore.

Vince is Microsoft certified in SQL Server and has coded and developed custom integrations as well as performed data migrations with applications such as EPICORE, Fujitsu Glovia, MAS200, Sage Products, Macola, ProNest, Peachtree and Salesforce. He's written 100s of reports, dashboards and T-SQL apps. Vince is also responsible for developing MAX Dashboards, which generates useful KPIs and statistics for MAX users.

In addition to writing software, Vince writes music and plays the drums. During his tenure at MAX, he has also personally managed 20 Global deployments for innovator Hewlett-Packard.