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Welcome to MAX's Partnership

Together, We Can Do More

As trusted advisor, it is critical to be able to quickly provide customers the service and information they need to keep their businesses running. By partnering and leveraging our resources, we believe that together we can become an invaluable asset to our customers.

Let's Be Partners

As a MAX Referral Partner, we offer you trusted and professional manufacturing expertise so you can stay focus on what you do best. Fuel your success with powerful business-enabling resources, benefits, expertise, and people. We have common prospects, similar marketing needs, and complimentary services; so why not leverage our resources to help our customers meet their business goals? After all…when they succeed, we all succeed.

Benefits of Being a MAX Partner

As a MAX Referral Partner, we offer you trusted and professional manufacturing expertise so you can stay focused on what you do best. This MAX Partnership is designed for partners to use MAX as a sales and consulting team member to win and implement opportunities. As a partner, you will receive a referral fee from MAX for any referred business that becomes a MAX customer.

By joining the program, you’ll be able to:

  • Grow revenues and profit without increasing cost structures
  • Engage proven manufacturing expertise so you can help your customers select the manufacturing system that satisfies their requirements
  • Reduce risks associated with implementing manufacturing solutions that may be outside your comfort zone
  • Receive a referral’s fee for the MAX software license revenues received by MAX

Referral Commission

With each opportunity that resulted in business for MAX, the referral commission will be 10% of the license fee.

Who is eligible?

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Resellers
  • Intuit QuickBooks Resellers and Pro-Advisors
  • Industry Consultants

Manufacturing is a vertical market with deep functional requirements that requires industry expertise to succeed. The MAX Sales and Support teams have hundreds of years of combined manufacturing and ERP experience you can count on.

Program Structure

By filling out the Referral Partner form, you will be added to the MAX Partnership database.

When you identify a manufacturing opportunity that you would like to partner on, simply fill out the Opportunity Form. The opportunity will be verified, and once qualified, we will joint-pursue the sales and implementation of the opportunity.

Once we commit to a partnership, your role is to provide the salesperson/account management, local support, and pre-sales resources for your product. Our role is to provide the manufacturing, sales, presales, support and implementation expertise. Sales resources for CRM, development services, and other client requirements are jointly provided under the assumption that both organizations may have the capability to consult in these areas.

About MAX

Since 1984, MAX has been serving small to medium-sized manufacturing companies with information technology to launch and grow their businesses. We help customers better control their resources, reduce the cost of manufacturing, automate compliance, and improve profitability.

Unique to MAX is our seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP and Intuit QuickBooks; MAX provides the fundamental capabilities needed to extend to full ERP, while eliminating the risk of migrating to a new financial system. MAX also boasts a particularly strong footprint with medical device, electronics, and food and beverage manufacturers that must maintain compliance with government or industry regulations, manage recalls, and control and document product revisions and engineering changes.