Consultant Bio - Dave Meyer


  • Information Systems
  • Systems Design & Development
  • Manufacturing Planning & Control

Professional Certifications & Affiliations

  • American Management Association
  • American Production Inventory Control Society

Background & Experience

Dave has been with MAX from the very beginning. He founded MAX ERP in 1982 and grew the company to $8.4 million before selling it to Exact in 1992. Since then, Dave has designed, developed, marketed and sold add-on applications integrated with MAX for customer relationship management (CRM), engineering change management, document control and customer service. He has developed and released web-based sales reporting tools for MAX customers with drill-down graphics to manage sales bookings, backlogs and shipments—in addition to tools for CRM and ERP integrations.

Dave works with MAX customers to conceive solutions to complex business and system problems for bottom-line results. He brings a business owner perspective to his clients’ challenges and excels at balancing business and technical system solutions for real benefits.