Exact Customer Portal – Support, news and product information

On the Customer Portal you’ll find a variety of important customer-only information. Ranging from technical support to release schedules for all our products, but also your account information and the latest news from Exact.

News and product information

After logging in to the Customer Portal, you’ll find information about Exact and additional product information, such as:

  • News about Exact, products and updates.
  • Extensive product information on your software.
  • Schedule containing the expected product updates.
  • The Exact Newsletter.

Personal pages

Through the Customer Portal you have access to your personal pages. On these pages you’ll find:

  • An outline of your current service agreements with Exact.
  • Shortcuts to documents you often use.
  • Transaction data
  • Online help files.

Support Request for a quick reply

Looking for a quick answer to your product related question? Use the Support Request to ask our Support department. In the portal, this question can be followed real-time. For instance, you can view when we attended to your question, who deals with it, and what the status is. Also, you can respond directly to an answer, or you can add information to your Support Request. In the historic overview, you’ll find all your previous asked questions including the answers thereto.

Log in

  1. Enter the domain, followed by your login details.
    For example:\klan123456
  2. Enter your password.
    Please note that also punctuation marks count as characters. In case you copy and paste your details from e-mail, ensure that you don’t copy inter-spacing.

Login request

In order to log in the Customer Portal you need a username and a password. A maintenance agreement with Exact is required to access the Customer Portal.

Request portal access

Do you already have a username? And you don’t remember your password? Apply for an automatic reset of your password.

More information

Are you interested in more information about our Customer Portal. Do you have any further questions? Please contact our Customer Service by:

  • Telephone: 1-877-524-3577