Optimize Your ERP System

Make sure you're using MAX in the most effective way possible.

Business Systems Review

Assess and improve the utilization of your MAX system

The MAX Business Systems Review (BSR) is a focused, efficient way to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your most important business systems and get the most from your MAX investment. An experienced MAX consultant will work with you to identify simple, targeted improvements that will deliver real benefits to your bottom line. At the end of the day, the BSR can help you reduce workarounds and non-automated processes, improve collaboration and communication, and increase the actionable knowledge that users have about their MAX solution.

Included in Your Business Systems Review:

  • Complete analysis of your entire business system utilization and effectiveness
  • Review of MAX procedures to improve your business processes
  • Analysis of your MAX database to highlight the source of operational problems
  • Discussion of key business issues and resolution of system-related problems
  • Detailed report highlighting strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to improve your company's business systems
  • Action plan to achieve your company's goals

The Business Systems Review Process:


Your answers to a specifically developed set of questions enable one of our senior consultants to set a focused agenda to jumpstart the on-site visit.

On-site Visit:

Two days of focused sessions with your key employees puts you on the road to improved MAX utilization.

Post-visit Summary:

The senior consultant will document the entire visit and provide a report that contains a list of recommendations that can be implemented immediately. You'll be presented with a wealth of information and concrete plans that will ultimately lead to time savings and increased efficiencies.

Fact Sheet

“We're now focusing on finding new ways to take advantage of the MAX functionality we already own. Even if we only implement two-thirds of what we've been working on in the test evironment, we'll see a significant ROI.”

Kevin Nelson, IT Manager, Ascentron Electronic Manufacturing Services