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Synergy for MAX

MAX automates manufacturing operations, while Synergy automates business operations. Synergy for MAX combines Synergy’s Quality Management, CRM, Document Management and Workflow Process Management and MAX’s advanced ERP features to boost your level of insight and streamline your entire business.

Synergy is a powerful business management suite from Exact. With Synergy for MAX you can:

  • Gain insight. Carefully planned integration points between MAX and Synergy optimize the strengths of both systems to ensure your entire team is working together with the right information.
  • Take informed action with CRM + ERP. Synergy for MAX takes core data elements already in MAX and puts actionable customer and prospect information into the hands of the right people at the right time.
  • Always be ready for your next audit. Track defects, non-conformance and corrective action processes, and implement structured version control and document approval processes.
  • Automate collaboration and workflow management. For example, certain transactions that occur in MAX will automatically trigger workflow tasks in Synergy. When MAX generates an RMA, a workflow request is automatically created in Synergy and will notify the appropriate person of the pending return.

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