Quality & Compliance

Deliver the highest quality product to your customer.

Integrate Quality & Compliance with Manufacturing

Are you a manufacturer trying to achieve ISO 9000 certification, FDA compliance or simply meet Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs)? Or is it the depth and breadth of your product lines driving the need for better quality control and more efficient systems to track records on quality issues? Whether quality and compliance management is required by your industry or a strategy implemented by your company to ensure customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, you need the right compliance management software to get the most out of your quality control program.

Implementing a manufacturing software system with strong quality and compliance management control capabilities is an effective way to identify and resolve quality problems, streamline administration, drive down costs, achieve compliance standards and consistently deliver high levels of quality in your products. Both Exact MAX and Synergy for MAX, Exact’s business management suite with quality control, customer relationship management (CRM) and workflow management tools, provide the traceability, repeatability and process management tools that will help your business meet your compliance management needs.

Document Control & Quality Analysis

Bring your entire quality program online and automate compliance processes to ensure that your next quality audit is smooth and worry free.

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Lot & Serial Control

Maintain lot and serial number traceability required for FDA, FAA and Federal Contract Compliance.

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Recall Management

Automate and document the recall process, conduct recalls with any information at hand, and quickly access stored recall data in MAX for compliance, training and other historical purposes.

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Warranty Tracking

Manage the entire warranty process and improve the response time and accuracy of Return Material Authorizations (RMA) to track defects in product designs and generate repair or replacement orders efficiently.

Engineering Change Order (ECO) Management

With minimal effort, track and document all aspects of product changes, including ECRs, ECOS, approvals, notifications, and project time, to properly follow good ECO practices.

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