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Integrated processes make your business whole.

Align Your Front Office and Manufacturing Operations

Integrate Your Production Processes with Sales, Business Administration & Service Processes

The speed of business in the age of connectivity demands a minimum level of responsiveness and efficiency that would have been impossible just a few years ago. The most agile organizations understand how to leverage technology to streamline processes and ensure all business units operate under one version of the truth. Synergy helps you utilize the insight MAX provides into your shop floor and manufacturing operations, to achieve greater control over your entire business.

Synergy and MAX Integrate Seamlessly

Synergy for MAX can help you analyze, manage and operate your business more effectively. Add tools for CRM, Service Management, Document Management, Workflow Process Management, and more to your MAX ERP manufacturing software to create a full and powerful business management suite.

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Synergy works with MAX to Improve Quality and Compliance

Whether you’re operating in a regulated environment or you’re working to achieve or maintain ISO certification, MAX and Synergy combine to present a powerful solution that will have you ready for your next audit. With the ability to track all defects, non-conformance and corrective action processes and implement structured version control and document approval processes, you’ll rest easy knowing all your critical documents are organized, protected and readily available.

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Synergy Adds Customer Relationship Management to MAX

The right CRM solution puts actionable customer and prospect information into the hands of the right people at the right time, allowing you to take advantage of new opportunities and ensure your sales and marketing efforts are optimized and effective. Taking the CRM+ERP equation to the next level, Synergy for MAX incorporates several core data elements already in MAX, including customers, suppliers, items, ship history, sales orders, quotes and more to ensure your customer service and sales staff have all the tools they need to quickly and accurately capture critical information about your customers and store those details in a central database instead of spreadsheets or emails owned by different departments.

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Synergy and MAX help you Optimize Collaboration & Workflow

Certain transactions that occur in MAX will automatically trigger workflow tasks in Synergy. For example, when you create a quote in MAX, the document is saved in Synergy and a Sales Forecast is automatically created to assist with managing that sales cycle. Workflow is also integrated with MAX’s RMA maintenance functionality. When MAX generates an RMA, a workflow request is automatically created in Synergy and will notify the appropriate person of the pending return.

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